Running instructor training

Running instructor training 2 x 3 days
with Prof. Hans Holdhaus and his team

For 5 years, IMSB Austria and IMS Bad Tatzmannsdorf have jointly offered a comprehensive running instructor training. Already, more than 150 participants passed the training. The training first and foremost caters to the needs of people counselling and supporting amateurs interested in running in the context of sports federations, leisure centres, hotels, communities, etc. but also addresses athletes wanting to optimise their own training program.

The training is supervised by Prof. Hans Holdhaus. Experienced top trainers and experts from sports medicine, sports science, and nutrition are on the team. The training is held in the form of two 3-day seminars (Friday, 3.00 pm to Sunday, 4.00 pm). At the end, there are theoretical and practical exams and successful participants receive a “running instructor” diploma. Exams are held at a separate date. 

  • Basics of training theory
  • Training methods, theory and practice
  • Physiology of training, sports medicine
  • Regeneration, theory and practice
  • Performance diagnostics (incl. running and threshold tests)
  • Planning the training
  • Training management and optimisation
  • Running technique (theory and practice) incl. video analysis
  • Nutrition and supplements for runners
  • Youth training
  • Training with risk groups
  • Anti-Doping

Total number of hours: 45 (30 hours of theory and 15 hours of practical training)

The seminars are held at Bad Tatzmannsdorf and at the BSFZ Suedstadt. For a group of 8+ people, special arrangements (location, dates) are possible. Seminar II can only be attended after having finished seminar I. Dates for the final exams are arranged with the participants during seminar II.

Dates for 2012

Seminar I (1st Part)
  • 20. – 22. April 2012 (Suedstadt)
  • 14. – 16. Sept. 2012 (Tatzmannsdorf)
Seminar II (2nd Part)
  • 11. – 13. May 2012 (Suedstadt)
  • 12. – 14. Oct. 2012 ( Tatzmannsdorf)
  • Seminar I: 385,00 EUR (incl. documents)
  • Seminar II: 385,00 EUR (incl. documents)
  • Exam: 55,00 EUR (incl. diploma)

Book both seminars at the same time and get a 10-% discount!

The examination fee will be charged at the exam.

All fees include 20 % VAT.

Minimum number of participants: 5 persons
Maximum number of participants: 15 persons 

Info und Registration

IMSB Austria: +43 2236/229 28-300 
IMS Bad Tatzmannsdorf: +43 664/357 04 19