(Deutsch) Functional Training

 A simple tool with complex effect SYPOBA training has been used in elite sports since 2004.

It is now widely used in the areas of fitness, health, rehabilitation, but also by many amateur athletes.

What is the difference between SYPOBA and other training devices?

As opposed to other balancing devices, SYPOBA is operated dynamically.

Dynamic movement has a lot of advantages. It

  • improves anticipation
  • increases neuro-muscular co-ordination
  • improves reflexes
  • enlarges the range of reflex movements
  • reduces muscular dysbalance
  • improves the ability to concentrate
  • increases wellbeing

In addition, SYPOBA is easy to use and transport – and it does not require any external energy apart from that supplied by the user! 


SYPOBA is the balancing tool with the highest training intensity!

Take the opportunity!

If you want to know more about the SYPOBA training philosophy, call our specialist, Helmut Brunner-Plosky, right away at +436648265377 or send an e-mail to h.brunner-Plosky@imsb.at

If you want to organize workshop groups or staff training you are at the right address as well. SYPOBA courses can be booked and organised directly at IMSB Austria, where they are conducted by our SYPOBA instructor Helmut Brunner-Plosky.

Everyone – from beginners to professionals – can participate and benefit from the training.