Optimisation of training

At IMSB Austria we focus on personalised performance coaching. Our team analyses training sessions and competitions at the Olympic centre but it also accompanies athletes to training camps and competitions all over the world. Performance is optimised in close cooperation with the trainers. For some years, our testing and counselling services have also been available to hobby and leisure athletes. Joggers, marathon runners, triathletes, bikers and mountain bikers benefit from the know-how and the testing and counselling services at IMSB Austria.

Web4Trainer – the web portal for your training

For many years, IMSB Austria has employed the “Web4Trainer” software which allows the designing of optimum and personalised training programs for everyone – geared to the individual customer’s type of sport and performance level. IMSB Austria’s performance analysis forms the basis of the weekly training program. The athlete is in close contact with the trainer via a web-based training diary. A user name and a password protect the account and make it accessible only for the individual athlete and his/her trainer. Web4Trainer training can be booked on a monthly basis at € 60.– per month incl. VAT. Please order via our online shop.