Nutritional supplements

National as well as international studies have shown that almost 15 % of the nutritional supplements in the market are contaminated with anabolic-androgenic steroids (prohormones). In addition, the growing internet market has become almost totally incontrollable.

This is why, some years ago, IMSB Austria set up procedures for protecting athletes:

Producers and distributors of nutritional supplements have been invited to make available information on their products – in particular with regard to raw materials, production, and filling. A uniform questionnaire has been used for data collection. These questionnaires have been published on this website.

Listing certain products in no way constitutes any recommendation for buying or consuming them. The list is only intended to make sure that athletes don’t rely on contaminated products. Prior to consuming nutritional supplements it is recommended that you ask for extensive advice. Supplements only make sense when fine-tuned to the training program.