HRV Measurement

In addition to other examinations, IMSB Austria also offers its customers HRV (heart rate variability) measurements.

24-hour measurement

Via electrodes, a portable ECG device is attached to your body and records the heart-beats for a 24-hour period during all day and night activities.


Approx. 100,000 – slightly irregular – heart-beats and thousands of breaths recorded over 24 hours result in a large amount of data that is analysed by means of special software. The results are presented in a coloured scale (see picture).


IMSB-Austria experts analyse the data and obtain information on BIORHYTHM, STRESS LOAD, QUALITY OF SLEEP, BIOLOGICAL AGE, REGENERATING CAPACITY, MENTAL PERFORMANCE and many other factors. The method is scientifically recognised.


Fee Full HRV measurement, including analysis: € 299.– Please also use our online booking service.


For more information: Please phone Hans Holdhaus +43223622928 or e-mail