Anti – Doping

It is the goal of IMSB Austria to make available to elite sports the scientific support required for achieving top performance WITHOUT doping. The “weight-lifting” project has shown that this is possible also for sports that are frequently mentioned in the doping context. A weight-lifter who had been convicted of doping and subsequently banned was invited to participate in a study as a test person. The goal of the study was to prove that international top performance may be achieved without doping, only using appropriate training. The fact that the athlete was able to accomplish his own top performance – originally achieved with the help of anabolics – also without these prohibited substances has been a sensation, even internationally. Meanwhile, a number of further studies have also proven that scientifically based, optimised training results in absolute top performance.
For many years, Prof. Hans Holdhaus has been an international key figure in the field of anti-doping. In his capacity as Chairman of the Council of Europe’s “Education Advisory Group“ he has played a vital role in developing the “Clean Sports Guide“ (first international education and information pack on the topic). His knowledge on the subject of doping, the risks and the consequences involved is held in high esteem and has been widely used far beyond the Austrian borders. Prof. Holdhaus is also a member of the newly founded “ethics commission” of NADA Austria (the national anti-doping agency) which focuses on education and information.

 IMSB Austria sees one of its essential tasks in not only educating and warning about but, above all, in offering alternatives to doping. Unfortunately, the present-day knowledge on training, performance development, measures accompanying training, regeneration, etc. is still not used to the full extent. The way to top performance without doping is quite different. This may unsettle some, but is definitely a healthier and – above all – a more honest way to the top.

IMSB Austria closely co-operates with NADA Austria in offering advice on “anti-doping” to all sports federations.

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