Anthropometry (measuring the human body) is an important part of sports medicine. The data obtained form an essential basis for a number of measures for optimising training. The physical prerequisites for certain types of sport are also assessed.

The tests determine the SOMATOTYPE (type of body constitution) as well as the BODY COMPOSITION (percentage of muscle, bone, fat). Moreover, certain key data are provided (e.g. biological age, expected final body-height for talent assessment). Anthropometric test data also form the basis of nutritional counselling.

As concerns sports anthropometry, IMSB Austria ranks among the leading institutions in the European area. IMSB Austria has already carried out and published a large number of international studies (at European and World Championships).

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Body fat measurement 

Determination of body fat percentage, fat-free body mass and optimum weight Skinfold measurement 

Biolelectric impedance analysis (BIA) 

Biological age

Biological age and expected body height are determined. Stage of growth and development in children and adolescents (bone age, weight and height status)

Body-type determination

Determination of body type (somatotype), body fat percentage, bone structure and muscular development

Complex body measurement: somatotype, body-fat percentage, bone structure and muscular development
+ BODY PROPORTIONs (height, width, proportions, circumferences)