Threshold test

Athletes at all levels obtain valuable hints for designing their training.

The test takes place outdoors, on the 400 m track of the BSFZ – Suedstadt. You are required to run 1200 to 2000 m 3 to 5 times (depending on your exercise tolerance), increasing the speed every time. Heart-beat and lactate levels are measured. This results in a lactate performance curve informing on the present state of your basic endurance level. Based on these data, we recommend individual running training programs. Knowing the exact data on heart-beat, speed and duration of the necessary training ranges enable you to design your training more effectively. During the two days previous to the test you should not do any or only light training in order to not impact on the results.

If you have been ill or injured, you should have done at least a week of training before the test.

  • Threshold test including a written analysis and mailed results: € 76.–
  • also including personal counselling: € 96.– 

You meet at the reception desk of IMSB Austria 30 minutes before the test. For dates and registration, please phone: +43223622928348 or +436642813399